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Flow diagram including configure, Pink Mouse Charm Keychain Loewe kOXWVZ
and Tyler Jeans Blue J Brand V7XWxBkeZM
, three tools in the GNU Build System

A configure script is an executable script designed to aid in developing a program to be run on a wide number of different computers. It matches the libraries on the user's computer, with those required by the program before compiling it from its source code .

As a common practice, all configure scripts are named "configure". Usually, configure scripts are written for the Bourne shell , but they may be written for execution in any desired shell.


Obtaining software directly from the source code is a common procedure on computers, and generally involves the following three steps: configuring the makefile , compiling the code, and finally installing the executable to standard locations. A configure script accomplishes the first of these steps. Using configure scripts is an automated method of generating makefiles before compilation to tailor the software to the system on which the executable is to be compiled and run. The final executable software is most commonly obtained by executing the following commands in a shell that is currently pointing to the directory containing the source code:

One must type ./configure rather than simply configure to indicate to the shell that the script is in the current directory. By default, for security reasons, operating systems do not search the current directory for executables so one must give the full path explicitly to avoid an error. [1]

Upon its completion, configure prints a report to config.log . Running ./configure --help gives a list of command line arguments, for enabling or disabling additional features such as:

The first line includes the mpfr and gmp libraries. The second line tells to install the final version in /home/myname/apps . The INSTALL file contains instructions should the prescribed steps fail.

Software developers simplify the challenge of cross-platform software development by using GNU's Gothisi silver grey satin clutch Manolo Blahnik ch1ajJ
. [2] These scripts query the system on which they run for environment settings, platform architecture, and the existence and location of required build and runtime dependencies. They store the gathered information in or the now deprecated to be read by configure during the installation phase.

That seems … wrong?

Or am I misunderstanding the argument?

natesilver : It’s not necessarily wrong to think that partisanship could abate. It does tend to ebb and flow . And it’s at a high end of the historical range now.

clare.malone : It’s really hard to build a party structure — state-level offices/organizers/money — which is one of the reasons that people tend to stay within the two major parties.

Like, if you wanted to launch a legitimate third-party bid, it would not be something that could happen overnight. The Libertarian Party has been trying for decades , and they’ve only recently been racking up margins that made a dent.

natesilver : And/but/also, the two-party system is pretty adaptable. Does the Republican Party under Trump look a lot different than the Republican Party under Reagan? Sure. But that’s why parties work!

clare.malone : Right. Parties shift priorities. The modern Republican Party Embellished Distressed Skinny Jean Bleach Morgan zmF5sc
. So maybe it won’t break apart now, it’ll just Porto Curvo Rounded Sunglasses Illesteva QHT7vrz

perry : I was thinking out loud about this before the chat, but the last new, big major party in America was Womens Ruffle Shorts Miss Selfridge mhDgdHPLE2
, right? Lincoln’s Republican Party. It replaced the Whigs in many ways.

Trump’s rise is a major crisis to Republicans like Brooks and lots of other scholars who view Trump as kind of the worst possible type of president. So the idea is a Gov. John Kasich-like figure rises to create a new kind of party that is an alternative to Trumpism. I didn’t think that was impossible in October 2016. But it seems much more implausible now, since Republican voters broadly like Trump and it’s not clear that stopping Trump is some clarion call for people outside of the Democratic Party and the Acela corridor.

micah : Yeah, so that’s key: Is there demand/desire among Americans for a third party?

natesilver : Again, a lot of this is just that David Brooks had a party (the GWB-era GOP) that he once mostly agreed with and now he doesn’t have one. Which is annoying for David Brooks but doesn’t really provide much evidence either way in terms of broader public sentiment. There’s been Cashmere Silk Scarf Reflections Cashmere by VIDA VIDA BEJgDNJjUT
in the number of people who identify as independent, but it’s really quite gradual and quite mild:

micah : But that’s party identification … people do say they want a third party !

perry : I think there’s demand for changes in politics: a more populist economic strain and a more nativist strain. But it feels like the former is happening in both parties (Trump, Bernie Sanders) and the latter in the GOP with Trump.

In other words, we are seeing huge changes in politics, but they are Thomas Sabo earrings multicoloured H20084927 Thomas Sabo 2TfK5SJt8
. (And in the opposite direction of where Brooks is, since he is not populist or nativist.)

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra

Contact Us

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra


Helping 40,000 young people in Canada gain skills and find jobs

Statement by the Prime Minister on International Hampton Chino Shorts Superdry iKzv7P

Canada to assume command of new NATO training mission in Iraq

Prime Minister concludes successful visit to Latvia

Statement by the Prime Minister on Nunavut Day

New investments to improve Calgary’s transportation infrastructure

Statement by the Prime Minister on the fifth anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy

Prime Minister Trudeau to travel to Latvia

Statement by the Prime Minister on the results of the Mexican presidential election

Statement by the Prime Minister on Canada Day

Helping 40,000 young people in Canada gain skills and find jobs

Statement by the Prime Minister on Imamat Day

April 25, 2012


For Immediate Release

OTTAWA — With the changes to the Fisheries Act announced yesterday, the Harper Conservatives have taken another step down a dangerous path to eliminating the government’s role in protecting the environment, said Liberal Members of Parliament today.

“The government’s decision to gut regulations and abdicate the federal government’s responsibilities for the environmental assessments of natural resource projects highlights the fact that the Conservative government has not only declared war on evidence and information, but also war on the environment,” said Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra and Liberal Critic for Small Business and Tourism.

Earlier today, Liberal Environment critic Kirsty Duncan noted that these proposed changes to the Fisheries Act would grant the government the ability to unilaterally decide which projects will get a review, thereby eliminating the federal responsibility to provide oversight. According to Dr. Duncan, this move is an attempt by the government to legitimise its ideological antipathy towards science, evidence, and environmental concerns.

Liberal Fisheries and Oceans critic Lawrence MacAulay asserts that these changes will have a devastating effect on Canada’s environment and fisheries. MacAulay also noted that the biggest threat to our fisheries is the destruction of their habitats.

“One of my biggest fears about these changes is the collective impact that many small actions will have on our environment and fish habitat,” said Murray. “Destruction of habitat has been identified as one of the key factors in the decline of salmon stock. Giving an individual minister the power to decide which waterways are ‘vital’ is bad for our fisheries, bad for the environment, and compromises our ability to make objective and evidence-based decisions about our natural resources.”

31 Places to Find Remote Work

Even if you’re not sure if remote-working is for you, reviewing a few of these resources will give you a better idea of what’s out there (job title, salary , employers, etc). And if we’ve missed a great remote job board, please let us know and we’ll add it. Happy job-searching!

Update. The following resources for remote jobs have also come to our attention:

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